This new organic hemp milk contains cannabis oil in its content.


You will be able to use it as a sleep aid or to relieve stress, pain and anxiety.

This cannabis milk, called Relax, has water, help seeds, vanilla, cashews, coconut oil and dates in its content.

This unusual drink was developed by a psychotherapist who believed that the general public needs to enjoy the benefits of canabinoids.

You will enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids even though the drink does not possess psychoactive properties.

The cannabinoid oil in the milk acts with the body’s cannabinoid system, which controls the homeostasis. This will have a positive effect on your hormones, mood, immune response, pain and sleep.

Cannabidiol oil is now considered as a new medicine, not as a psychedelic substance.

Is it effective?

The Relax milk has a similar taste with almond milk, but with a cannabis after-taste. According to customers who have tried it, the milk offers tranquility and calmness.

Everyone should enjoy the benefits of this innovative milk. It is not a simple drink. It is a drink that you will consume when you are stressed out or full of anxiety.