In this article, we present you a story about a man who defeated his stage 4 cancer with baking soda.


In fact, baking soda was the last resort for this man, who was already under chemotherapy.

This man was aware of the dangers of chemotherapy treatments, such as destroyed immunity and exhaustion. His cancer was so advanced that the doctors told him that even chemotherapy can be unsuccessful in his case. Therefore, this man decided to do something. He decided to use cesium chloride in order to raise the pH levels in his body.

It is believed that cesium chloride is more effective than chemotherapy and radiation. However, the doctors rarely recommend this treatment.

After an extensive research, the man decided to try baking soda, an ingredient present in almost every home. The man mixed baking soda with maple syrup and published the results of his own treatment on his blog.

Baking soda raises the body’s pH levels. It also prevents blistering, scaring and itching due to allergies as it is a powerful antiseptic.

Baking soda against cancer

            Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Their development and number reduces when the acidity of the body is reduced. If baking soda is injected, it is more powerful. However, oral consumption of sodium bicarbonate is cheaper, safer and easier.