People with blood type O can give their blood to all the other groups, but they can receive only their blood type.

This is because their erythrocytes don’t contain factors that can destroy someone’s blood.

This blood type is special, but also more likely to suffer from some kind of disease. The people with this blood type are productive, leaders, powerful, focused and full of energy.

When the diseases are discussed, these people are more prone to thyroid dysfunction, ulcers, iodine deficiency and low levels of thyroid hormones. Additionally, these diseases can lead to obesity and water retention.

In Japan, it is believed that this blood type is linked to a certain personality type. According to the Japanese, these people are logicians, responsible, practical, dedicated, focused and organized.

On the other side, these people can also be angry due to stress, impulsive, hyperactive, and they have a tendency to unhealthy habits, stress, poor diet and lack of exercises.

People with blood type O should avoid alcohol and caffeine as they raise the adrenaline levels, which are already high.

These people should also exercise at least three times per week.