This drink consists of mint, orange and green tea.

It is an excellent drink that will keep you healthy and help you lose extra pounds.

Green tea destroys fat and speeds up the metabolism. One cup of the tea lowers the chances of getting the flu and common colds and having high blood pressure, heart diseases, high blood sugar, rheumatoid arthritis and skin cancer. Oranges are high in dietary fibers and antioxidants. They protect from heart diseases, cancer and arthritis.

Mint is high in potassium, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium. It protects from bloating and digestive issues. It aids the burning of fats.

The recipe:

            Boil one liter of water for 2 minutes and add 5 teabags of green tea. Leave it to cool down for 3 minutes and remove the bags. Wash and slice the orange and add the slices, the green tea and mint leaves in a glass jar. Leave the closed jar in the fridge during the night. Drink one cup before a meal.

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