All around the world alternative medicine and natural remedies are becoming more and more popular.


           However, the huge pharmaceutical corporations continue to force the use of their drugs, despite the known serious side-effects.

Fortunately, recent studies prove the incredible health benefits of cannabis.

Vaginal suppositories have even been invented and they are an excellent substitution of Ibuprofen, Midol and Vicodin. These suppositories, which are based on cocoa butter, relax the muscles and therefore effectively stop menstrual cramps.

The suppositories are produced with additive-free cannabis and pesticide. The active ingredients are mixed with exact doses (10 milligrams of cannabidol and 60 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol) and are used in a microbial-free process.

The pain is stopped by the THC, when it reaches the cannabinoid system of the brain. The cannabidiol reduces inflammations in the body, treats spasms and relaxes the muscles.

            According to women who have tried these vaginal suppositories, they stop the pain and relax the muscles.

Despite these facts, the suppositories are still not approved by the FDA and they can be bought in California only. Consult a doctor before trying them, even though there are no side effects from their use.