The grades are dropping

            In case of childhood depression, the child cannot concentrate on what the teacher is saying or the homework.


If your child was a good student and know his/her grades are dropping, there may be a problem. According to child psychiatrists, the children who suffer from childhood depression are not able to concentrate or focus, have to learn the same things over and over again and they feel that something is not alright with their brain.

More frequent crying

            Even though crying is a normal way to express emotions, if a normally stoic child starts crying regularly, there might be a depression problem. It may not be hormones in question, especially if your child is not in the mood to do his/hers favorite activities or is shutting down. If you see these symptoms, consult a doctor.

Regular visits to the nurse

            Childhood depression can cause physical pain, like headaches or stomachaches. If your child visits the school nurse frequently, there may be a problem. Sometimes the nurses realize before the parents that there is a depression or stress problem.


            A child that suffers from childhood depression may start losing interest in everything, including his friends. Your child becomes indifferent towards everything in his life.