Scientists have analyzed the effects of coconut oil on the bacteria in the mouth cavity.


The results showed that this oil can effectively kill all of the harmful bacteria and it is the most effective ingredient against Candida albicans.

High levels of Candida albicans in the mouth cavity are caused by a large consumption of sugar and processed food, as well as improper diet. These bacteria can cause indigestion, frequent fungal infections and fatigue.

Unlike toothpastes, coconut oil is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. On the other side, toothpastes, especially those that contain high fluoride levels, can lead to different health conditions.

Coconut oil is most effective when it is completely organic. Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil has almost unbelievable healing qualities.

Coconut oil is an excellent natural remedy that prevents gum disease and keeps the mouth cavity clean, because it contains anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial qualities.