Cotton swabs are used to remove the excess ear wax in the ears.


However, if you use them, you must be careful not to damage your ear canal.

The ear wax in your ears serves to protect the ears from pollution, dust and bacteria. According to some research, improper use of ear swabs can be very dangerous.

According to recent studies, cleaning the ears with an ear swab often leads to damage of the tympanic membrane.

Inserting the cotton swab deep in the ear, starts with a minor damage and ends with a perforated tympanic membrane.

Facial paralysis and vertigo can also be caused if you don’t use cotton swabs with caution. To protect your ears from damage, follow these tips:

  • Clean the area around the ear canal and the ear auricle with a cotton swab.
  • Never insert the cotton swab in the ear canal. This pushes the wax inside the ear, which leads to plugged ears, dizziness and hearing problems.
  • Ear swabs can also damage the eardrum.
  • Clean the ears of children with swabs with thick tips.

You can also clean the ears with something else, such as a handkerchief or hydrogen peroxide. Just a few drops of hydrogen peroxide will clean your ears safely.