Stop A Heart Attack Quickly Using Cayenne Pepper!

Famous healers like Dr. Richard Schulze, N,D., and Dr. John Christopher, N.D., admired Cayenne pepper and its beneficial effects. Dr. John Christopher declared: “I have never lost even one heart attack patient because, when I arrive and they are still breathing – I directly pour down them a cup of cayenne tea ( they are up and moving, after taking a teaspoon of cayenne mixed with hot water), and I have lifelong experience in working with people and teaching. ”

Have in mind that advices that are given from these healers are not speculations about this powerful plant, but that they are speaking from their personal experience.

You are wondering now how can you use Cayenne pepper based on their guidance?

To gain the capability of stopping a heart attack, first Cayenne pepper must be at least 90,000 heat units or 90,000 (H,U.). If the person is still responsive, you should mix the cayenne which is on 90,000 H.U. minimum, to be more precise mix 1 teaspoon of it in a glass full with warm water and give it to the person who is having a heart problem. This recipe is same as the Cayenne tea recipe.

It is best to use cayenne tincture extract of 90,000 H.U. minimum, and to put a few dropps under a person tongue if the person is unconscious. If the person was still breathing until 35 year old veteran Dr. Christopher arrive at the place were that person is, he mentioned very clearly that he had never lost even one heart attack case. For that level of success he thanks cayenne pepper.

Other Uses Of Cayenne

It is often used in other herbal combinations and remedies because Cayenne pepper acts like a catalyst. Except for nervines all other herbal medicines will boost their effect by adding cayenne pepper in them. For people who have nerve issues there are other remedies specifically made for them. Cayenne pepper will stimulate your blood circulation, and on that way will improve food absorption and will increase the level of digestion. All herb formulas can rise their potency just with adding cayenne in them.

Cayenne will intensify any treatment for infections, ulcers, arthritis, female complaints, heart/circulatory issues, thyroid issues, then medicines like diuretics and laxatives and so on.

Nutritional Status of Cayenne

Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, also a number of vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A and many other minerals and vitamins are included in cayenne, total of 26. 26 is the number you need to know so you can understand how powerful ingredient Cayenne is. Carbohydrates, and also “dietary fiber” and “crude fiber” together are contained in Cayenne.

When it comes to heart attacks I think this is “Nitro-Glycerin” that God’s uses. It is clever choice to have it near at hand in your household.