This composition made of milk and garlic seems surprising, but because of its usefulness for health and wellbeing, it will quickly become your healthy way to start the day!

This mixture of milk and garlic has excessive amounts of healthy benefits and also keeps you warm. In the same time on one very powerful way affects the body.

Preparation steps:


  • 250 ml water
  • 2-3 teaspoons sugar
  • 500 ml milk
  • 10 garlic cloves, minced

How to prepare it:

In a stewpot add the minced garlic, and over it pour the water and milk. Then, it should be heated until boiling point is reached. You should stir this mixture from time to time, drain it to remove bigger parts, and in the end sugar needs to be added.

Have in mind that it is recommended to consume this drink freshly prepared.

This drink influence your health on many different ways:

Treats cough

Add small amount of turmeric and enhance this drink. This remedy will calm your chronic cough, primarily because of the antibacterial effect of the garlic.

 Regulates cholesterol levels

Frequent use of this drink will lower LDL levels – bad cholesterol, and rise HDL levels – good cholesterol.

 Treats arthritis

If you want to reduce the pain caused from arthritis and relieve inflammation you should drink it regularly.

 Treats asthma

Relieve asthma issues just with eating 3 garlic cloves before going to bed.

 Cardiac issues

Blood vessels clots will be prevented because this special milk will lower bad cholesterol – LDL levels. Use skimmed milk for best effects.

 Fights pneumonia

Reduce pneumonia effects consuming this garlic milk three times a day.

 Fights insomnia

 Because of its relaxing influence on the body this milk will help you fall asleep.

 Helps digestion

 Garlic is a very powerful antiseptic because is rises the body defense mechanism and aids digestion. Garlic also helps lymph to drain properly and on that way cleans the body faster from unnecessary products. It prevents diarrhea by increasing the production of digestion juices.

 Treats lung tuberculosis

Thanks to sulfur from garlic treating this disease is very efficient. Combine 1 liter of water, 1 g garlic, and 240 ml milk, and boil them until ¼ of the initial amount is left. This should be consumed three times a day.

 Fight jaundice

 You can reduce jaundice progression because garlic encourages detoxification. The best way to treat fatty liver disease naturally is with garlic because it contains sulfur. Also it contains selenium and allicin, minerals that prompt bile production. In this case you should be consuming garlic milk once a week.

 Soothe sciatica

Amazing effects are achieved in treatment of nerve pain when you consume it regularly.

 Treat impotence

Both, female and male infertility can be treated with consuming several boiled garlic chunks along with this garlic milk.