Most people don’t pay much attention to their navel.


On the other side, scientists have made amazing discoveries about this part of the body. For instance, the shape of your belly bottom shows whether or not your organs function properly.

  • “U” shape

            People with this kind of belly button can have kidney and skin issues. Newborns can be born with some deformities.

  • Small bump shape

            Viruses and the flu are common problems among individuals who have this shape of their belly button.

  • Tucked shape

            Constipation, weight and digestive problems are common with the tucked shape.

  • Button-like shape

            If your navel is protruded like a button, it must not get bigger. If you lift something and gets bigger, it can be hernia.

  • Almond shape

            Brittle bones, muscle pain, bone pain and migraines are common problems among individuals with this navel shape.

Check out the shape of your navel and if you have any problems consult a doctor.