The watermelon is the best way to refresh yourself during the summer period.

You probably think that there is no way in finding out what is the juiciest and sweetest watermelon, considering it a matter of luck, but actually there are a couple of great solutions for this.

  1. Field Spot

Those white spots that you notice on the surface of the watermelon are called field spots and they actually are one completely natural thing because they represent the place where the watermelons rested on the ground. The point is that the farmers claim that if the watermelons have orange-yellow spots or even better creamy-yellow spots, that is the best choice for a watermelon.

  1. Webbing

Whether the watermelon will be sweet enough or not, depends on the number of times that it was pollinated. The more pollinations, sweeter taste. And we can notice that by the webbing of the watermelon which points out how many times does bees touched the flower.

  1. Boy or Girl?

Fun Fact – there are male and female watermelons (boy and girl). Those watermelons that are unusually long and tall, are the ‘boy’ watermelons, and the other ones that are a little heavier and rounder, are the “girl” watermelons. And this is important because the girl watermelons have a much sweeter taste, but the boy watermelons are juicier.

  1. Size

We often think that it is good if we get bigger stuff for less money. Not in this case. Believe it or not, those watermelons with average size are far more sweet and watery than any other bigger one. But also do not buy the smallest one. It should be exactly the right size – average- size.

  1. Tail

The tail is also one key moment in choosing the right watermelon. If it was picked too soon the watermelon will not taste as good, and we will notice that if the watermelon has a green tail. The best taste comes from the watermelons with dried tails.

You can judge a watermelon by its shell, although we cannot judge a book by its cover.