Since the seventies, a lot of secret studies were carried out that proved that one plant can effectively destroy cancerous cells in the body.


This plant is several thousand times more effective than conventional chemotherapy drugs, such as Adriamycin. Moreover, if you consume graviola or soursop to fight cancer, you will not feel exhausted, which is usually the case during a chemotherapy treatment. Soursop will also aid you to regain your immunity and strength.

Annona muricata, better known as soursop or graviola, contains a lot of healing properties. It can be used to kill the cancerous cells in the body or the malignant tumors. There are no side-effects from the treatment with graviola. However, the influence of the immense pharmaceutical industries is so big that the benefits of this plant and its use as a natural alternative treatment of cancer are rarely known.

The soursop plant is usually grown in the Caribbean, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Colombia, but is can also be found in the contries from the Southeastern parts of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. According to his place of growth, it is evident that this plant requires humid and warm climate. The soursop plant is small and all of its parts can be used. In South America, the fruit, the bark, the seeds, the roots and the leaves of the plant are used as a treatment of various diseases, like heart disease, asthma, liver issues and arthritis. This plant is delicious as well. It is sweet and has a similar taste to a mixture of strawberries and pineapples.

The magnificent soursop can cure various diseases

            Graviola is most famous due to the fact that it can cure cancer. According to various scientific studies, soursop is effective against nervous disorders, tumors, stress, bacterial infections, depression, fungal infections, arthritis, asthma and high blood pressure.  

Since the 70s, many secret studies showed that this plant is able to destroy the cancer cells and is even more effective than chemotherapy drugs, such as Adriamycin. Unlike chemotherapy treatments, graviola does not cause exhaustion. It brings back the immunity and strength. The results of these studies were:

  • It kills the cancer cells in a natural and safe way. It does not cause hair fall, weight loss or nausea. The studies showed that soursop is able to destroy 12 different cancer cells types.
  • It strengthens the body.
  • Protects you from dangerous infections and improves the function of the immune system.
  • It helps you on a spiritual level as well as it is effective against stress and depression.

Soursop controversies

            Pharmaceutical companies are not able to patent this natural plant. They cannot even produce a GMO version of it. Therefore, the public is not informed about the healing powers of the plant. The huge pharmaceutical companies cannot profit from it.

According to the last research carried out on this plant in South Korea, graviola does not harm the healthy cells. It only destroys the cancer cells and therefore there are no side-effects.