Cancer specialists claim that cancer is a result of a couple of health problems combined all together, which can be caused by:

  • Lifestyle (inactivity, tobacco, bad diet)
  • Infections and some other health problems
  • The bad influence of the radiation and chemicals from the environment
  • Genes

People can get cancer if they are consuming junk food in combination with no physical activity, according to specialists. There are a frightening number people in America that are obese and overconsume alcohol, but also it was found by the World Center Research Fund that even 20% of the American diets is unhealthy.


These kind of foods raises the insulin level which encourages cancer growth because these foods contain corn syrup and synthetic items. The risk of pancreatic cancer is the first problem that people encounter with consuming a lot of these foods according to the American Society for Clinical Nutrition who published a study in 2006. People have a choice to replace these refined products with maple syrup, jiggery, molasses, honey and stevia.


Ham, salami, sausage and bacon are just some of the products that contain excessive amounts of preservatives and chemicals. The amount of bad or unhealthy salt is over-represented. Colorectal cancer is the biggest fear that people need to have if they consume these foods, the Nutrition and Cancer journal said this recently. Grass-red meat is the best replacement for these cancerous meats.


The smoking process makes the meat carcinogenic and unhealthy on so many other ways. These foods contain many additives in order to have a longer shelf life and the n-nitroso nitrates from the pickled foods cause cancer for sure but they need to be consumed in excess.


Many products contain white flour as one cheap alternative to other, healthier options. The problem with these products is that they contain plenty of carbs which are not so healthy. If you are a woman who often consume carbs rich products, you are at bigger risk than other women for getting a breast cancer. Almond, barley flour, whole-wheat flour and quinoa, are just some healthy alternatives to white flour since they do not elevate the blood sugar so fast as the white flour.


These poisons like oils are gotten from various chemical processes of veggies so they can have longer shelf-life. Small amounts of the trans fats and omega 6 fats can be good, but when the intake is more than allowed, then the cells get damaged and skin cancer or other forms of cancer may appear. You have the options like palm oil, coconut oil or olive oil in order to protect yourself and your family from the trans fats that can cause prostate, breast or colorectal cancer.


Bags for the microwave popcorn contain a toxin called perfluorooctanoic acid and if you were in any way exposed to this acid, you are at bigger risk of getting kidney or bladder cancer. This acid can also make a woman sterile. Propyl gallate and GMOs are also contained in these bags.


The farmed salmon is often mistaken for the wild one. These chemicals: toxaphene, dioxins, flame retardants, mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls, make farmed salmon to be carcinogenic. There is a study that proves this and it was made by the Science Magazine. The wild one is ofcorse free from these chemicals.


The well known carcinogen- acrylamide is made by combining high heat, salt and oils. Besides getting fat from all that calories, oils and salt, which can also get you a high blood pressure and cholesterol, there is a big risk of getting an ovarian, breast, digestive and prostate cancer. This was published in the respected Journal of Cancer.