We all think that a salad is a mixture of different vegetables according to their taste.

However, there are different factors that should be considered when we choose the ingredients we will put in our dinner or lunch salad. First of all, you should learn that cucumbers and tomatoes should not be combined in the same salad. This combination is not good because these two types of vegetables are not digested in the same time. According to Ayurvedic medicine, when deciding what to put in your salad, you should check out the digestion time of each ingredient.

Using vegetables that require more time to be digested and vegetables that require less time to be digested is not good. The vegetables that need less time will pass through the intestine when the others that need more time are digested completely. This causes fermentation of the food in the stomach, which can lead to poisoning of your whole body. It also slows down the digestion process, as well as the fermentation of starches and sugar, which results in not enjoying the meal entirely. What is even worse, the process of fermentation can cause stomach pain, swelling and gases.

There are other vegetables and ingredients that can be combined in a salad instead of cucumbers and tomatoes. There are also other combinations that you should definitely avoid. Here they are:

  • Consuming fruit after your meal – Fruits have a long digestion time. Therefore, they should not remain in your stomach for long periods of time. When you consume them after your meal, you increase the chances of suffering from digestive problems, such as acid reflux.
  • Macaroni and meat and macaroni and cheese – These meals are extremely popular. However, these combinations should not be consumed as macaroni are loaded with starch, which has a different time of digestion when compared with protein. The delay of the digestion can lead to fermentation, as well as to other digestive issues.
  • Cheese and meat – Too many proteins should not be combined in a single meal. Two types of protein should also not be part of 1 meal.
  • Noodles or bread and orange juice – The juice needs acid to be digested. This acid can destroy the enzymes that are needed to digest the starch found in the noodles and the bread.
  • Cheese and vegetables – the risk of bloating is increased with the consumption of these two ingredients.
  • Watermelon and melon – these fruits should not be consumed together with other fruits.
  • Milk and banana – this combination slows down the digestion process.
  • Yogurt and fruits – despite its popularity, this combination harms the intestinal flora and slows down digestion.