Migraines are headaches that are usually felt on one side of the head and they come together with vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to light.


These headaches don’t respond to conventional painkillers.

Migraines appear due to lack of sodium in the body. Therefore, experts recommend the use of Himalayan salt to treat migraines, as well as other health conditions.

Himalayan salt reduces pain by blocking the pain receptors. It also normalizes the functions in the body by regulating the electrolyte and alkaline balance. It strengthens the immunity and increases the energy levels by balancing the serotonin secretion as well.

 Himalayan salt treatment

            In fact, Himalayan salt is the best natural remedy for migraines. To treat migraines cut a lime and rub your forehead with one half of it. You can also squeeze the entire lime into a glass. Then, just add Himalayan salt and enjoy its benefits.